Message from the CEO

“From energy creation to energy conservation, you can rely on our knowledge and technology to bring the future closer.”

As society becomes more diverse, the needs of customers also diversify. Companies are being challenged to satisfy those diverse needs.

Ever since we first started in 1986, our company has been involved with a diverse range of electrical and telecommunications construction work. With this experience, and through fully utilizing the abilities of every one of our staff, we aim every day to satisfy our customers 120%.

Regarding the solar power business, we began full-scale operations in this area over 15 years ago. I am proud to say that we have been a pioneering presence during that time, having constructed numerous solar power facilities and provided technical assistance to the Republic of Maldives. We are also engaged in the construction of large-scale "Mega Solar" facilities and those that cover a large geographical area.

To ensure we can continue to provide services that satisfy our customers, we always keep an eye on the future and continually strive to develop new ideas and apply them to our work.

CEO Shigeo Horiuchi